with the appropriations committee, Mr. Maxwell was responsible for making
policy recommendations on all legislation referred to the committee with a tax or
revenue implication.  

Prior to his exit from the Governor’s Office, he served as Governor Bush’s chief
financial advisor for Florida’s K - 20 Education System.   Prior to joining SCG, Mr.
Maxwell founded his own governmental consulting business in November
2000.   Mr. Maxwell specializes in legislative appropriations, advocacy
development, and fiscal, environmental, and education policy development.  To
date, he has been instrumental in securing in excess of $70 million in state
appropriations for his clients.
SCG Governmental Affairs
Mark Maxwell, Partner, has spent his
entire career in the legislative and
governmental arena.  Mark graduated from
Florida State University in 1989 with a B.S.
in Economics and currently lives in
Tallahassee.  Mark’s professional career
includes sixteen years of public service
directly involved with Florida’s legislative
process.  Eleven of those years he served
as staff for the House Appropriations
Committee and five in the Governor’s Office
of Policy and Budget. During his tenure
Lane Stephens, Partner, has been a governmental
consultant in Florida since 1993.  During that time, he has
represented numerous local government, non-profit and
private sector clients.  A representative listing of current and
past clients include Nestle Waters N.A., Bay County
Government, Manheim Auto Auctions, Miller Brewing
Company and the Florida Workforce Development
Association, to name just a few.  He has extremely close
ties with current House and Senate leadership.  Prior to
beginning his lobbying career, he was a staff member of the
Florida House of Representatives Committee on
Transportation for four years.  He has an excellent
understanding of the Florida legislative process and is frequently called upon
to provide training seminars on the legislative process and to provide
legislative updates at various statewide meetings.

Lane graduated from the University of Mississippi in 1985, with a B.B.A. in
Management and completed graduate level coursework in the public
administration program at Florida State University.